Planning for the Future


Dec 7, 2022



Planning For The Future

EQUAH auctions are known for offering a wide selection of horses and ponies from all disciplines. This includes looking to the future with the offering of foals within our catalogues. 

With an excellent and knowledgeable team in place, we can offer support and advice on buying and selling as a private breeder or from a commercial point of view too. The foals within our catalogues sell really well because of this.

Over the past week, our team have met to discuss the calendar for the next year. One option the team are considering is having one of the auctions within the 2023 calendar devoted purely to foals and breeding. Following on from Brexit, there is a huge emphasis being placed on British breeding and trading British horses. We would like to offer the industry support with this. If this is something you would like to see, then please do let us know by getting in touch. 

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