Auction Timetable


Sep 5, 2023 · Young Stock & Breeding Auction

Auction Timetable

Whether you have purchased at an auction before or not, take a good look at the timings of this auction. 

Now the catalogue is live, we welcome bookings for viewings and vettings which can be organised with our team. We can also put you in contact with the sellers if you have any questions. 

8th - 10th September: Live bidding will take place on our website.

All foal lots will close on Saturday 9th September, starting in batches of 5 from 8pm. 

All remaining lots (youngstock and broodmares) will close on Sunday 10th September, starting in batches of 5 from 8pm. 

Get in touch with the team
Call/Whatsapp: +447418 605595 (main office)
Call/Whatsapp: +447905602791 (Johnathan)

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