Auction Round Up


Feb 13, 2023


The first auction of 2023 provided a really positive start to the year! It was great to see record numbers of bids placed, coming from the UK, as well as further afield including Ireland, USA, Canada and Mexico with one horse going to Holland. For us, this is a really positive step for the UK market using an equine auction house to trade quality horses and ponies, with more interested buyers also getting in contact with owners and going to visit horses before bidding.

With most Lots now purchased, there are a limited number of unsold horses left. Visit our website to make your final offer if you are interested in one of these horses, or get in touch with the team for help.

We would also like to thank everyone who supported this auction and wish all new owners the very best of luck with their new horses.
The next auction dates are 24th - 26th March.
View Unsold Lots
Lot 2 - Captain Skip May Dance
Lot 4 - Zinfandel
Lot 12 - Wild Grey
Lot 16 - Misty
Lot 27 - Wild Opposition
Lot 29 - Zilveren's Schnapps BDA
Lot 30 - Get High
Lot 31 - Beezies Buttons
Lot 32 - Orlaith 
Lot 34 - Unnamed
Lot 23 - Ballylennon Chica Rosa

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